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Steelworkers Congratulate Rachel Notley on Historic NDP Majority Government in Alberta

EDMONTON - Orange is the new blue in Alberta, where Rachel Notley's New Democrats have made history with the province's first-ever NDP majority government.

"Rachel Notley and the NDP have made history with a majority government in Alberta," said Stephen Hunt, United Steelworkers (USW) Director for Western Canada. "Steelworkers and New Democrats across Canada are going to ride the momentum of this orange wave into the federal election."

"Steelworkers congratulate Rachel Notley and her team for leading the way and showing us an NDP government is possible," said USW National Director Ken Neumann. "This victory shows that you can vote out Conservatives by voting NDP."

"By voting NDP in massive numbers, Albertans have rejected tired PC policies and voted instead for investments in health care, education and jobs families can depend on," said Hunt, who also noted the new premier is a former Steelworker. As a labour lawyer on staff with the United Nurses of Alberta, Notley also was a USW member.

"For the first time ever, a Woman of Steel will be a premier, running a provincial government in Canada. What an inspiration for Steelworkers and Women of Steel across our country," Hunt said.

"Albertans have elected two Steelworkers as MLAs," said Neumann. "Along with Premier-elect Notley, Shaye Anderson, a member of TWU-USW Local 1944, has been elected MLA for Leduc-Beaumont. Congratulations Shaye!"

"Notley's NDP win in Alberta shows that people can vote for strong social programs and win. This is a great victory for progressives and workers across Canada preparing to campaign for the NDP in the federal election this year," said Neumann.


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Stephen Hunt, USW Western Canada Director, 604-816-2554
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6 May, 2015 Toronto Star Rachel Notley’s New Democrats Crush Conservative Dynasty in Alberta

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