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Steelworkers Welcome New Leadership at Ontario Federation of Labour

TORONTO - The United Steelworkers celebrated the election of new leadership today at the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL).

"This is a good day for working people and the labour movement in Ontario. With the election of this strong slate of candidates to head the provincial federation of labour, we are entering a new period of thoughtful and strong activism on behalf of Ontario workers both unionized and non-unionized," said Marty Warren, District Director of Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

"The Steelworkers have confidence in all three newly elected officials," added Warren.

Unifor's Chris Buckley was unanimously elected OFL President, OSSTF's Patty Coates was similarly elected Secretary-Treasurer and Ahmad Gaied from UFCW was elected Executive Vice-President.

Upon being elected, Buckley said: "My job is to make sure that this Federation pulls together! My goal is to unite our labour movement across Ontario and that starts with unity at your OFL."

Buckley continued, "We owe it to workers today and to our collective future to champion a province-wide campaign to reshape labour laws in the interest of every worker in Ontario."

"It is only when the fight of any worker becomes the fight of every worker that the labour movement can defend good jobs and strong public services that make our economy work for everyone."

Buckley's unanimous selection shows that the labour movement is united in the direction we want to take in our fight for good jobs, fair deals for workers and strong communities.

"I am proud of the many Steelworkers who have been active participants and voting delegates at this week's convention," said Warren.

"I also want to personally thank Steelworkers' Nancy Hutchison for six years of strong, determined and thoughtful leadership as Secretary-Treasurer for the OFL. Nancy deserves all of our respect and admiration. We at USW are very happy to welcome her back to our workplace," Warren declared.


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