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The NDP Stands on Solid Ground with Tom Mulcair

Now is not the time to call for a leadership review. Like other New Democrats, we were disappointed with the results of the last federal election.

The party did not get the support we had hoped for, despite running on the most ambitious and progressive platform we have put forward in decades, including:

  • A national pharmacare program
  • A national childcare program
  • Increased corporate taxes
  • A $15-hour minimum wage
  • Canada Pension Plan expansion
  • A strong public service
  • A rejection of the Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Active industrial strategies to create good jobs

Now we need a strong New Democratic presence in the House of Commons, holding the Liberals accountable, and putting the interests of working Canadians ahead of the big banks and corporate CEOs.

We believe that Tom Mulcair has the proven ability to provide the true progressive alternative to the Liberals. 

Mulcair is known and respected throughout every part of Canada and has the organic relationship with Quebec to keep and expand our strongest geographic base.

In short, he has the skills, experience, base of support and leadership to rebuild the party across the country on social democratic values.

CUPE National   

Mark Hancock,
National President


Paul Meinema,
National President


James Clancy,
National President


Dave Ritchie,
General Vice President


Ken Neumann,

National Director

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