USW District 6's New Human Rights Committee

We are pleased to announce that we have re-established the District 6 Human Rights Committee.

Committee members in the past have been appointed by the Director, but this time, we took a new approach in an attempt to give more people an opportunity. With the support of their locals, Steelworkers from across our district put their names forward to become a part of the D6 Human Rights Committee

Through our collective voice, action and strategies, we are best able to protect and enhance the lives of our members. Our committee will be a very important and powerful vehicle in getting this work done. These are changing times and we need fresh, innovative ideas on how we can best represent our members in the workplace and in our communities.

The D6 Human Rights Committee are the following:

Mark Austin
Wade Blair
Bianca Canderlaak
Sherry Charette
P.C. Choo
Lynne Descary (District 6 Staff Rep.)
Sheku Dickson Koroma
Toni Eyre
Eric Fournier
Mayson Fulk
Tammy Linekar
Merv King
Janet Moffat (Chair)
Kalpeshkumar Parmar
Kev N Rayner
Carolyn Szilva (Co-Chair)
Marty Warren (USW District 6 Director)
Sarah Whelan

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