Steelworkers Join Emergency Actions To Defend Workers’ Rights

TORONTO – United Steelworkers across Ontario are joining community and labour actions condemning the Doug Ford government’s legislation cancelling the $15 minimum wage increase and rolling back basic labour rights.

“It hasn’t taken long for the Ford government to show which side it’s on, and it’s clear this government is not ‘For The People’,” said Marty Warren, United Steelworkers (USW) Ontario Director.

“Steelworkers stand up for basic protections and decent work. We fought hard for these changes and must fight these anti-worker attacks,” said Warren.

Ford’s plan cuts wages, makes it easier to fire workers in precarious work, eliminates paid sick days, makes it more difficult to join and keep a union and cancels fairer scheduling laws.

“The $15 minimum wage is only fair and just,” said Warren. “This regressive law will take away basic protections from those who need them the most: low-income workers, women, people of colour and newcomers – those who are already struggling in low-wage jobs and in precarious employment.”

Steelworkers are joining the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) and the $15 and Fairness campaign at community actions across the province to call on the government to reverse course.

“Hands off workers’ rights! There is widespread support across Ontario for a $15 minimum wage and for stronger worker rights,” said Warren.

“Labour and community will stand up to Ford. We will fight these rollbacks,” said Warren. “We won’t give up.”


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