Marty Warren Statement for the International Day to End Violence Against Women

November 25 is International Day to End Violence Against Women. 

As men, we have all heard or made comments like, ”You throw like a girl,” or, ”You're crying! What are you—a little girl?!” When making these comments, we imply that the men portraying these characteristics are weak, and that women are weak, too. 

If you have ever made comments like these, it’s time for self-reflection. Pressing “reset” on our thinking about being a man has to start from within. How we define “manhood” is affected by our race, ethnicity, social class, religion and other identities, and it shapes our attitudes towards violence against women. 

Steps you can take to help end violence against women may include: 

  • Listen to the women who trust you to gain insight into their experiences.
  • Learn more about the issue by reading news articles and social media.
  • Learn why some men are violent towards women.
  • Develop respectful relationships with women.
  • Don’t be a bystander. Challenge sexist language and jokes when you hear them, but in a non-confrontational manner, to obtain a positive outcome.
  • Support groups that oppose sexual violence and harassment against women.
  • And most of all, examine yourself and your own behavior. Be a role model for change to eliminate violence against women. 

District 6 wants to be part of the solution. We’re gearing up to offer “Be More Than a Bystander” training. Watch for more details in the weeks ahead.

In solidarity,

Marty Warren
Director, District 6

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