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NDP Climate Plan Protects our Planet and our Jobs – Steelworkers

TORONTO – The New Democratic Party’s climate plan released today shows it’s possible to put workers at the heart of action for our climate, says the United Steelworkers (USW).

“The NDP has always been a leader with its environmental policy. Jagmeet Singh’s bold climate action and jobs plan goes even further. This plan takes real action right away for our planet, respects Indigenous rights and invests in creating good, family-supporting jobs,” said Ken Neumann, USW National Director.

The USW represents 225,000 members working in all sectors across Canada including steel and aluminum, telecommunications, post-secondary education, mining, paper and forestry, plus office, technical and service workers in health care, security, hotels and more.

Members of the USW work in energy-intensive industries and are the workers whose livelihoods are directly affected by the phase-out of coal-fired electrical generation, by the increased number and intensity of wildfires and by decisions about how to create the jobs of the future.

Our members are also involved in environmental advocacy and climate change action.

The United Steelworkers is a founder of Blue Green Canada, a coalition of labour, environmental and public policy groups that are working together on research, public awareness and lobbying efforts for sustainable jobs and environmental protection.

“This is the most comprehensive environmental platform of any of the parties,” said Neumann. “This climate plan is worker-oriented and jobs-centred. Our members want to be involved in the decision-making, and this plan specifically mentions working with labour and refers to the recommendations of the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities, that our members and our union took an active role in,” said Neumann.

Steelworkers and all workers in carbon-intensive industries know that workers can’t adjust to transformations on an individual basis. “Just transition” must take into account good jobs – union jobs – in viable communities and regions.

“The USW likes what we see in the NDP climate plan: 300,000 jobs building a clean energy future in the next four years; implementing UNDRIP, which our union has been calling for; affordable housing, significant training and employment support, beyond just Employment Insurance,” said Neumann.

“The NDP is the party that shares our union values of fighting for workers’ rights, good jobs and social justice. This climate plan is further proof that the NDP is the party for workers,” said Neumann.

Read the NDP climate plan – Power to Change: A new deal for climate action and good jobs


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