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Following Labour Day Protest of Trudeau, Steelworkers Launch Election Ads

Steelworkers run ads in key battleground areas criticizing Liberals for broken promises and failure to make life more affordable.

TORONTO – This week the United Steelworkers starts running ads reminding everyday Canadians that the Liberal government has broken its promises and failed to make life affordable. This follows Monday’s protest of Justin Trudeau at the Hamilton Labour Day event by Steelworkers and others.

Steelworkers are disappointed with the Liberal government and believe better is possible. When it comes to protecting retirement security during bankruptcies, indexing OAS and GIS, rejecting bad trade deals, EI breaks for young people or electoral reform, Steelworkers are tired of broken promises.

“Life is getting harder, working Canadians are falling further and further behind. Going back-and-forth between Liberals and Conservatives has only made things worse,” said Ken Neumann, USW National Director.

“Jagmeet Singh and the NDP understand what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. Only the NDP has our backs. Only the NDP will always side with working people over the interests of powerful corporations and rich elites,” said Neumann.

“Trudeau showed his true colours when he sided with the Liberal-connected powerful SNC-Lavalin corporation and fired the first Indigenous Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould for doing her job and then kicked her out of his caucus,” added Neumann.

The USW ads show that Justin’s ‘sunny ways’ and ‘progressive promises’ have been broken, and that the Liberals have failed at making life more affordable for working Canadians.

The TV ads show a red-ribboned “Sunny Ways” package arrive on a couple’s door. But when they open it, the box of promises is empty. The couple commit not to be fooled again.

The radio ads state that Justin hasn’t made our lives easier because “he’s isn’t choosing us.” “He sides with drug companies, while we pay more for the medicine we need. He cozies up to big phone and internet companies – while we’re gouged for services. He breaks the rules for big companies like SNC-Lavalin and cuts corporate taxes – while our health care gets cut.
Why would we choose Justin Trudeau when he doesn't choose us?
There’s only one party that puts working people first: Jagmeet Singh and the NDP.”

USW (United Steelworkers) represents 225,000 Canadians in all sectors of the economy.

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