Steelworkers Union Hails Victory in Aluminum Dumping Case

OTTAWA – The United Steelworkers (USW) union is hailing a ruling by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) to prevent the dumping of Chinese extruded aluminum products into the Canadian market.

In its ruling released this week, the CITT renewed a previous order that unfair dumping of subsidized Chinese exports of aluminum extrusion products threatens the viability of Canadian producers and the jobs of their workers.

The CITT ruling authorizes anti-dumping duties of 101% on the export price of extruded aluminum products dumped by China, as well as an additional three dollars per kilogram of extruded aluminum in countervailing duties.

As part of its review of the dumping case last fall, the CITT heard evidence presented by Canadian producers as well as United Steelworkers members whose jobs are put at risk by such unfair trade practices. The USW represents hundreds of workers at aluminum extrusion plants across Canada.

The CITT ruling means that Canadian workers in the industry can breathe a sigh of relief, said Florian Pellerin, President of USW Local 7046, which represents 115 workers at the Metra Aluminum plant in Laval, Que.

“If the anti-dumping measures had been lifted, it would have meant many layoffs at our plant and probably the closure of the operation,” said Pellerin, one of the USW members who presented evidence to the CITT.

“That’s what we went to explain to the tribunal last fall, and we're pleased to see that we were heard,” he said.

In 2007, the massive dumping of subsidized, low-priced Chinese products caused the layoff of about 100 workers at the Metra plant, several dozen of whom were never rehired, as well as the elimination of a night shift for about 10 years.

USW members from the Hydro Extrusion Canada plant in Mississauga, Ont., and the Apel Extrusions facility in Calgary also presented evidence to the CITT.

“This is a victory for our members working in the aluminum extrusion industry,” said USW Quebec Director Alain Croteau.

“It's also a great example of co-operation between the industry and union members. When we have common interests, there are ways to work together to preserve good jobs. The Steelworkers are standing up for good jobs in every way, in our workplaces, in collective bargaining and in our advocacy before trade tribunals and our governments,” Croteau said.

The USW and its members across the country will continue their campaign to defend Canadian jobs and industries from illegal dumping and other predatory trade practices, said Ken Neumann, the union’s Canadian Director.

“We have participated in several hearings before the trade tribunal since 2018, demanding that workers’ voices be heard,” Neumann said.

“This is a welcome victory for all Canadian aluminum workers. We need to continue to push for further protections for both the steel and aluminum sectors, as Canadian mills and workers continue to be affected by unfair foreign exports,” he said.


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