Steelworkers: Saskatchewan workers win big as union certification goes electronic

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In a historic decision, the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (LRB) has ruled workers in the province can now join a union by signing an electronic union membership card. The decision comes following an application for reconsideration of LRB File No. 092-21 from the United Steelworkers union (USW).

The USW congratulates JSN Motors Inc. employees in becoming the first workers in the province to use electronic union cards to join a union.

“The decision to allow electronic support evidence for union certification is historic and precedent-setting in our province and we are excited to proceed with welcoming the workers from JSN Motors to our union,” said Darrin Kruger, USW Staff Representative. “The electronic cards will now make it easier and safer for workers to join a union and brings them one step closer to deserving better at work.”

In its unanimous decision, the LRB stated that electronic support evidence addresses many concerns by “improving access to employees, facilitating the dissemination and collection of support cards, and reducing physical impediments. In some cases, electronic support evidence may provide an additional layer of security and privacy from an employer who may be tempted to interfere with the exercise of employees’ rights under the Act.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to hold in-person meetings to organize workers and to sign physical paper cards became more difficult, especially while maintaining physical distancing,” said Kruger. “Electronic cards will now give workers the ability to sign their cards safely and confidentially, and it brings Saskatchewan in line with other jurisdictions across Canada.”

In recent years, labour boards across the country, including B.C., Alberta, Ontario and federally, have begun accepting electronic support evidence.

Workers interested in joining the USW are encouraged to learn more at BetterWorkNow.ca.


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