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Steelworkers Humanity Fund Contributes $10,000 to Aid Survivors of Indonesian Tsunami

“This catastrophe left nearly 200,000 people in urgent need of assistance, about a quarter of them children. We felt compelled to demonstrate the Steelworkers' solidarity in the face of a catastrophe of such magnitude."

NAFTA Deal a Sell-Out for Canadian Steel, Aluminum Workers

“Canada’s government must draw a line on this issue. The U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum must be lifted immediately.” - Ken Neumann

Ken Neumann Statement for October 4, National Day to Commemorate Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

On October 4 we remember the many hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls across this country.

Marty Warren Statement for October 4, National Day to Commemorate Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

October 4 is the day Canadians attend vigils and other events honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Liberals Must Step Back from Job-Killing CPTPP: Steelworkers

“If the CPTPP is implemented, Canadians will lose middle-class livelihoods in our auto, steel, skilled trades and supply-management sectors.” - Ken Neumann

Locked-Out ABI Employees to Demonstrate at Leaders’ Debate

Aluminum workers want Quebec party leaders’ commitment to help resolve the labour dispute with Alcoa, Rio Tinto.

Alcoa, Steelworkers Discuss ABI Lockout

“The union remains ready and willing to negotiate in good faith whenever the special mediator summons the parties back to the bargaining table.” - Alain Croteau

Investors Cautioned on Alcoa-Related ‘Controversies’

Aluminum giant receives unenviable mention in report targeted at international investors.

Renegotiated NAFTA Must “Truly Advance the Interests of Workers in Canada and Across North America"

Joint statement from USW Canadian Director Ken Neumann and USW International President Leo W. Gerard.

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USW Welcomes the Return of Napoleón Gómez to Mexico

USW welcomes the return to Mexico of Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, the President and General Secretary of Los Mineros after more than 12 years of exile.

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Federal Steel Measures a Needed Step: Steelworkers

The USW welcomes the federal government's announcement that it is commencing consultations on the steel safeguards and protection measures our union has been requesting for months,

Steelworkers Welcome Criminal Charges in Sudbury Worker’s Death

Company and owner face charges of criminal negligence causing the death of worker Rheal Dionne.

Steelworkers Make Significant Gains at Delta Airlines

New collective agreement includes wage increases making Delta employees the highest-paid in Canada.

USW Forestry Workers in Northern B.C. Preparing for Strike

"The employer is unwilling to discuss the most basic proposals. Our workers are demanding changes and we will fight for them. We are bargaining for 23 different worksites and it's time to send them a message."

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98% Strike Vote by Steelworkers at Shaw Cable

Our members showed determination in defending their rights against an employer that is showing little respect to them. This strong strike vote shows how united our members are and that they are ready to fight back.

Canada’s Uranium Industry No Threat to U.S.: Steelworkers

U.S. uranium producers have basically made the case already, that Canada is not the problem.

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Everyone Loses from Alcoa’s Lockout at ABI Smelter

Each month of the lockout is depriving Alco and Rio Tinto – co-owners of the ABI smelter – CAN$85 million in revenues (US$66 million) and CAN$26 million (US$20 million) in profits, the USW says.

Steelworkers Win First Contract Victory at Power Precast Solutions

New contract guarantees significant wage increases, benefits, seniority and improved hours of work.

Steelworkers Call on New Ontario Government to “Stop the Killing and Enforce the Law” – Now

“It is far too late for excuses. We are calling on the Ontario government to step up and enforce the law – for the people.” - Marty Warren

Employer’s New Demands Impede Settlement in ABI Lockout

Locked-out workers overwhelmingly endorse their union bargaining committee as ABI makes new demands for concessions.