Steel Dumping Investigations Must Proceed Without Delay: Steelworkers

“Workers and their families are already suffering during this crisis. We can’t allow illegal dumping to threaten more jobs in our community.”

Steelworkers Union Praises NDP Victory in Securing Paid Sick Leave Commitment

“The federal government must do everything in its power to quickly bring all provinces and territories on board to ensure paid sick leave for all workers.”

Quebec Steelworkers Join with Employer to Support Local Food Bank

“It’s important to support the community when so many are going through very tough times.”

Feds Must Rescind Punitive Income Restrictions for Thousands of Canadians: Steelworkers

“The government’s misguided position serves no purpose, other than denying workers much-needed income that they have negotiated with their employers.”

Simple ‘Review’ of Long-Term Care an Injustice to Victims of Deadly Crisis: Steelworkers

“How is a public inquiry not justified when more than 1,400 residents have died and thousands more residents and workers have been infected with COVID-19?” - Marty Warren

Planned EI Changes Must Extend to Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Workers, USW Says

New federal support for fisheries sector must be expanded to tourism, hotel and restaurant workers affected by pandemic.

Long-Term Care Workers to Protest Cuts at Maxville Manor

PSW hours cut as long-term care is in crisis and vulnerable residents are at risk due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Basic Training Would Have Saved a Life

Quebec health and safety agency’s report into workplace fatality indicates employer failed in its duty to train workers.

COVID-19 and Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal reaction to uncertainty and things that may harm us. For many of us, the coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness make for a very uncertain future. People worry about their own health and the health of their loved ones.

Study Released by Ontario WSIB Must Be Applied to Compensation Across Canada, Say Steelworkers

“The study means compensation claims that were rejected will be reviewed, hopefully resulting in justice for survivors and families.” - Marty Warren

Federal Government Stands Aside as More Canadians Lose Manufacturing Jobs

“This plant means so much to our families and our community. And now it’s being taken away. As far as we know, the majority of our work will be going to Mexico.”

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We Remember Those Lost 28 Years Ago in the Westray Mine Explosion Like It Was Yesterday: Steelworkers

The USW union remembers with heavy hearts the 28th anniversary of the devastating loss of 26 miners in the Westray Coal Mine explosion. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost and their Nova Scotia communities.

Emergency Response Must Lead to Long-Term Reform, Says USW Leader

Responses to the global pandemic must be the basis for reforms to everything from Employment Insurance to care for the elderly and corporate restructuring, Ken Neumann tells parliamentary committee.

Ontario Labour Ministry Not Upholding Workers’ Rights: Steelworkers

“Workers’ right to refuse unsafe work is being denied by the Ministry of Labour. Some workers are deemed essential. But none should be sacrificial.”

Cargill Death and Disease a 21st-Century Version of the Westray Explosion

“The events leading up to the death of a worker who died at Cargill this month are eerily similar to those leading up to the explosion of the Westray mine 28 years ago.” - Steve Hunt

Steelworkers Humanity Fund Provides $50,000 to Support Bangladeshi Garment Workers Affected by COVID-19

“The contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of 750 families who will receive food packages and medical kits.” - Ken Neumann

United Steelworkers Members Vote for New Deal, Despite Pandemic Restrictions

“This agreement shows it’s possible to adjust the way workers’ rights can be maintained, despite restrictions imposed by the pandemic." - Marty Warren

Steelworkers Mourn Loss of Life, Stand in Solidarity with Nova Scotians

“We are grieving with our fellow Nova Scotians and we will stand with them in confronting this unimaginable tragedy.”

Steelworkers at Koolatron Protecting Canadian Workers

Steelworkers in Brantford, Ont., ready to produce Personal Protective Equipment and medical transportation coolers to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

United Steelworkers in Niagara Get Busy Fighting COVID-19

USW members purchase 3D printers and begin pumping out face shields for health-care workers.