Taxpayer Funds Must Improve Long-Term Care, Not Subsidize Corporate Dividends: Steelworkers

USW calls for greater investments to protect residents and staff, ban on dividends for corporations receiving public subsidies.

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Champlain Township Firefighters Join the United Steelworkers

Part-time firefighters employed by Champlain Township in eastern Ontario have voted to join the United Steelworkers union to improve their working conditions.

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Victoria Starbucks Workers Vote to Join United Steelworkers

Workers at a Starbucks drive-thru in Victoria, B.C., have voted overwhelmingly to join the United Steelworkers union, because they believe the best way to protect their health and safety on the job is through a union.

Seasons Dufferin Centre Employees in Trenton Join the United Steelworkers

“Once people heard the United Steelworkers had our back, they were all-in. The choice was obvious to us. We don't feel alone anymore.”

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Steelworkers Humanity Fund Supports the Population of Beirut Affected by Port Explosions with $5,000 Donation

Funds provided by the Steelworkers Humanity Fund, contributed by Steelworkers members across Canada, have been donated to the Canadian Red Cross Lebanon Humanitarian Needs Fund, for health-care relief.

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In July, Steelworkers Humanity Fund Provided $42,800 to Organizations to Support Workers Affected by COVID-19

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund contributed $42,800 to organizations in Colombia, Peru, Madagascar, Guatemala and Palestine to address the needs of communities impacted by the effects of coronavirus on local economies.

Two-Year-Old Tragedy Finally Answered with Criminal Charges – Steelworkers Union

“We hope the evidence ensures prosecution and conviction and will set an example across Canada.” - Marty Warren

Westray Law Should Have Applied in New Brunswick Fatality, Say Steelworkers

“We want workers and their families to be provided with justice. A fine is not justice. It is permission to repeat the offence of an unsafe workplace.” - Marty Warren

Canada Must Retaliate Swiftly to Trump’s Tariffs: Steelworkers

“The re-imposition of these bogus U.S. tariffs is threatening thousands of Canadian jobs. It is now time for Canada to stand up for Canadian aluminum workers.” - Ken Neumann

WSIB and Government Must Act Now on Occupational Cancer Claims

“Recognition of work-related cancers is the first necessary step to preventing them in the future.” - Marty Warren

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Governments Must Act Now to Address Women’s Inequality: Steelworkers

“In developing the programs for an economic recovery, the government must rely on measures that focus on women’s employment, including investing in the caring economy,” said Ken Neumann, USW National Director.

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Steelworkers Union and Gateway Casinos Sign Return to Operations Agreement for Ontario

The United Steelworkers and Gateway Casinos are pleased to announce a return to operations agreement has been reached after several weeks of negotiations with USW representatives in Ontario.

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In June, Steelworkers Humanity Fund Provided $15,000 to Organizations to Support Workers Affected by COVID-19

“The COVID-19 pandemic has left workers and entire communities to fend for themselves, with very little or no government assistance. In this context, the little support we provide goes a long way, giving people a chance to overcome this acute crisis."

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Pressure on Canadian Aluminum, Steel and Softwood Lumber Shows Fundamental Problems with International Trade: Steelworkers

USW National Director Ken Neumann told the federal Standing Committee on International Trade that COVID-19 has exposed fundamental problems with the international trading system and Canada’s reliance on global supply chains for essential products.

Black Cat’s “Cruel” Lockout Enters Third Week

The employees were shocked to be treated with such disrespect after working tirelessly for the company through the pandemic, as “essential” workers.

Community to Protest Racist Violence in Toronto’s East End

Two Toronto residents, including a USW member, were victims of a brutal racist assault as they walked their dog in the city’s east end. Police have not laid charges.

Aluminum Tariffs Would Make Mockery of NAFTA 2 and Ignore the Real Problem

“Virtually everyone agrees, including unions and major aluminum producers in the U.S., that there is no justification for new tariffs on Canadian aluminum.” - Dominic Lemieux

Grant Exemption to Bill 124 or Risk Seniors in Long-Term Care: Steelworkers

“The premier is fond of praising essential workers for their ‘courage.’ But actions speak louder than words.” - Marty Warren

Ford Government Allowing Undue Risk to Workers Amid Province-Wide Reopening: Steelworkers

“We cannot be opening up the Ontario economy without ensuring workers will be protected, and when they are not, that there are consequences.” - Marty Warren

Steelworkers Union Welcomes WSIB Decision Recognizing McIntyre Powder-Related Parkinson’s as Occupational Disease

“This victory means workers’ claims for compensation may finally be met. It's a significant step toward justice for elderly and sick retirees and their families."