USW To Testify at Public Interest Inquiry on Illegally Dumped Rebar

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What is the issue?

On Friday, July 31, 2015 Ken Neumann, United Steelworkers (USW) National Director, and Alex McKinnon, USW Research Department Leader, will be testifying at the Public Interest Inquiry being held by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). The Steelworkers will be testifying in support of the maintenance of countervailing duties currently in place on rebar imported from China, South Korea and Turkey. Following investigations by the Canada Border Services Agency, and the CITT, rebar imported from these countries was found to be dumped – meaning that it is being exported into Canada at prices that are lower than those in their home markets. In its 2014 ruling the CITT found that this dumped rebar posed a threat to the Canadian steel industry, and consequently thousands of Steelworkers. And with approximately 20,000 Steelworkers employed in the basic steel industry from coast to coast, and an additional 100,000 Canadians supported indirectly by such a figure, the fair trade of steel is of paramount importance to Canada’s public interest.

Why is this important to the USW?

The basic steel industry employs 20,000 Steelworkers, in decent-paying union jobs. This industry helps indirectly support over 100,000 jobs across Canada. With Canada widely believed by many analysts to be in the midst of another recession, the protection of every job is in Canada’s public interest.

What is the USW doing?

The USW is working in partnership with Canadian steel producers to make clear to the CITT that the maintenance of the duties on dumped rebar is in the public’s interest. The USW written submission presented to the Tribunal on July 6, 2015 asserts that the reduction, or removal, of the duties threatens to initiate a race to the bottom by unfairly pitting workers in Canada against those in China, Korea and Turkey. The low prices these countries are exporting their rebar into Canada at in fact reflect their disregard for decent wages, the health and safety of their workers, and the environment. The USW submission advances the following four points:

For these reasons, the USW believes it is in the public interest to maintain the countervailing duties currently in place. Following the conclusion of these proceedings the Tribunal will issue its findings in September 2015 with a possible recommendation for the Minister of Finance, on lowering the duties.  


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