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Steelworkers Humanity Fund contributes $50,000 to support victims of floods in B.C.

November 19, 2021 | Media Releases

TORONTO – The Steelworkers Humanity Fund is contributing $50,000 to United Way British Columbia’s flood response efforts, in order to provide immediate and longer-term support to victims of the floods in British Columbia.

The sudden floods that hit parts of B.C. resulted in the evacuations of thousands of residents, washed out major highways and left many communities cut off from the rest of the province. The floods are following on the heels of the wildfires that continue to impact many communities in B.C.’s Interior, Lower Mainland, Central and Northern Vancouver Island.

Building on its successful partnership with United Way British Columbia during last summer’s wildfires, the Steelworkers Humanity Fund support will flow through the United for BC Flood Response Fund, which will provide grants to support those who are displaced or have lost housing, belongings and/or employment, suffered physical or mental health trauma, among others.

“Entire communities, many of them in which Steelworkers live and work, have been affected by the floods” said Ken Neumann, President of the Steelworkers Humanity Fund. “A variety of programs and essential services will be critical as B.C. residents recover physically and emotionally from the devastation of flooding, and we encourage others to donate available resources and time to those in desperate need today.”

All those in need of immediate resources in B.C. are encouraged to use bc211 by dialling 2-1-1 or visiting, a free and confidential service that connects people to helpful and vital resources in their community. Those who are looking to provide additional support can also visit to learn about volunteer opportunities in regions of the province where this resource is available.

“We recognize the deep trauma that these floods are having on individual lives as we respond in local communities across British Columbia,” said Michael McKnight, President and CEO of United Way British Columbia. “The United for BC Flood Response Fund, bc211, and volunteering are ways that everyone can provide support during such challenging days,” added McKnight.

Founded in 1985, the Steelworkers Humanity Fund is a registered charitable organization that focuses primarily on development projects and emergency aid in developing countries, but also supports Canadian communities. USW members contribute to the fund through clauses negotiated into collective agreements. In some cases, employers make matching contributions to the fund.

Ken Neumann, President, Steelworkers Humanity Fund, 416-544-5951
Doug Olthuis, Executive Director, Steelworkers Humanity Fund, 416-859-9953,
Shannon Devine, USW Communications, 416-894-7118 (cell),

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