October 1935
The Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) established its own organizing committee for paperworkers.

June 1936
Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) forms. First Canadian meeting was held at the Labour Temple in Hamilton where 18 Stelco workers formed 1005.

September 1936
SWOC organizes 3,000 new members at Algoma Steel in Sault Ste. Marie, forming Local 2251. Quebec workers organized at Montreal’s Stelco operation and laid the foundation for Steelworkers Local 1195.

December 1936
"On the 13th of December (1936) we held our first meeting – now we were C.I.O., SWOC – started with 10 names. By March we must have had 3,000 members. Oh, they just flocked. We hired halls all over town," George MacEachern recalled in his autobiography. The independent Steel Workers of Nova Scotia became SWOC Local 1064, one of the earliest Steelworker locals in Canada. Dues were 25 cents a month.