Union Democracy

Union Democracy

Steelworkers are strong believers in democracy.

Our organization is run by our members. It is regular members who decide to fight to improve our wages, benefits and working conditions; to ensure justice anddignity on the job and to create a social movement to better the lives of all working people.

Steelworkers believe in “one member, one vote.” Each individual member elects their local, district, national and international leaders. Members elect their union leaders every three years.

Other unions elect their leaders by a small number of delegates at a convention. That every member has a vote is unique, making the United Steelworkers one of the world’s most democratic unions.

Members of the USW make decisions about the union's policies, direction and programs at several levels – at the Canadian USW National Policy Conference and at the USW International Convention, each held on a three-year cycle. Each local union elects delegates to send to conferences and conventions.