Our Members' Dues

Our Members' Dues

Dues give the union the power to protect and advance members' rights on many fronts, today and in the future. Your dues give you a real say in your workplace, along with the right to bargain for better job security, higher wages, a healthy and safe job, a good pension and other benefits.

Union dues fund the daily operations of local unions and the services from the USW centrally that support our locals. Dues provide bargaining and pension expertise, education programs, health and safety services, workers' compensation assistance, grievance representation, research and legal expertise, and support a $300-million strike and lockout defense fund.

Union dues are a very small percentage of total earnings. Dues are tax-deductible and dues are not paid if you are off work due to layoff, injury, sickness or leave.

Steelworkers believe in financial accountability.

Union accounts are audited regularly by professionals. The international audit is a public report delivered to all local unions for every member to access. Union dues are collected and banked in Canadian financial institutions under the authority of Canadian union directors. Our directors are accountable to the membership and elected in a “one member, one secret ballot” process every three years. This level of accountability is unique among unions in Canada.

The USW dues formula is 1.45% of gross pay and 2 cents per hour worked.

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